It’s time to find your voice, express who you really are, and realize your vision for a better world

Your business wasn’t built on luck. Your sales strategy and copy shouldn’t be either. You’ve got the right vision—now you just need to put it into words that…

→ Sound like you and speak directly to your audience 

→ Are brimming with personality and rooted in real, data-driven research

→ Confidently stand on their own and fit strategically into your larger sales funnel

…so you can tell your authentic story, drive revenue, and make an impact.  

The thing is, “winging it” is not a viable conversion strategy.

You have a strong sense of the impact you want to create—but trying to get the words out of your head and onto the page feels harder than winning an argument with your conservative relates over Thanksgiving dinner.

You’re feeling…

→ Restless because you’ve spent months perfecting your offer and feel next-level excited about it but don’t know how to position it to your audience

→ Frustrated over not seeing the conversions or sales numbers you wanted

→ Short on time to do comprehensive market research to connect with your following

But you don’t want help from just anybody. You care about your brand and know it deserves the absolute best. 


You started your business to make a  

That’s why my copywriting and consulting services are handcrafted with passion and care, based on proven conversion strategies, and rooted in sales psychology principles that stand the test of time

Here’s how we’ll bring your vision to life… 

You’re not just running a business. You’re building a legacy. 


A craft distillery for your words and ideas so you can ignite a movement that changes

Welcome to

Combine what you want to say with what your audience needs to hear for copy that authentically accelerates your success (and your sales). 

No unsavoury sales tactics, manipulation, or guesswork. Just pure fusion of art and science. 

Whether your brand voice is smooth and smoky or rich and mellow, I’ll adapt my style to fit yours seamlessly.

A splash of personality 

Proven strategies to get your ideal client to take action.

A shot of conversion science

To understand what makes you unique from your competitors and position you not just as the better choice, but the only choice.

A heavy pour of market research

Served on the rocks (shaken, not stirred)

The Perfect Copy Cocktail 

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What’ll you have?

Bespoke Brand Messaging

Find Your Voice

Bespoke Brand Messaging

Find Your Voice

What’s Included: 

  • In-depth questionnaire
  • 60-minute strategy call
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Email list survey
  • 5 Voice of Customer interviews 
  • Comprehensive Brand Messaging Guide


Step into the next era of your business with a bold message that finally feels like you—and has your dream clients lining up to work with you.

Whether your offers and audience have shifted or you’re planning a complete rebrand, I’ll dive deep into your business, competitor landscape, and voice of customer research to determine what makes you a true industry leader.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and build a brand that stands out, this is where we start.

The Copy Party VIP Week

Express Who You Really Are

The Copy Party VIP Week

Express Who You Really Are

What’s Included: 

  • In-depth questionnaire
  • 60-minute strategy call
  • Sales page or email sequence copy
  • Market and voice of customer research
  • In-depth Launch Messaging Guide
  • Unlimited revisions


You’ve got BIG goals for your business, and DIY-ing your copy isn’t gonna cut it. It’s time to level things up with a high-converting sales page or email sequence custom crafted for you in under 5 days. 

Perfect for an upcoming launch or if you want to optimize your existing sales page or emails before going evergreen. 

Legacy Launch Consulting

Disrupt Your Industry

Legacy Launch Consulting

Disrupt Your Industry

What’s Included: 

  • 2 months of 1:1 Voxer support
  • 90-minute launch strategy call
  • Custom funnel mapping
  • 60-minute webinar strategy call
  • In-depth copy audits
  • Market and voice of customer research
  • Incentivized VIP Week pricing

Can be customized as needed with additional strategy calls, done-for-you copy, and pre-launch content planning.

Starting at $3,000 for 2 months of all-inclusive support.

When you’re launching, every little detail counts. Over this high-touch, 2-month retainer, I’ll help you strategize and map out your entire funnel, thoroughly research your audience, and guide you through all the copy you need to make waves with your newest offer. 

This comprehensive package is full service, from the very first step of deciding when you want to launch to identifying the best avenues for you to attract the right leads and the next steps needed to prime them and make sales, we’ll go on a supportive 2-month launch journey together. 

Forget about deploying the same strategy that brought you meh results last year—it’s time you had a strategic partner to help bring your goals to life.

Inquire about custom projects and retainer options.



Looking for the

– Kristen VanderHoek, Cursor & Ink

She helps you think strategically about your business and gives solid, creative advice on how to make marketing choices that will truly enhance your brand. She takes your problems off your plate and gives you the biggest, best gift to your brand in the form of copy and marketing assets you'd never be able to pull off on your own... and the most supportive listening ear along the way.”

Megan will do so much more than just write incredible words for you.

– Becca Mitchell, Black Diamond Copy Co.

She's been able to bring my vision to life and create GOLDEN pieces of copy that are both connection-driven and high-converting. I've worked with Megan on a large variety of projects and rarely have any edits (which is saying A LOT). She's thorough, detailed, and asks the right questions to bring your big ideas to fruition."

Megan has been an invaluable asset!

– Chrissy Mellinger, Authenticity Coach

After my call with Megan, I understand how to structure a landing page, as well as how to blend my personality with my ideal client's voice in a way that helps them understand how I can support their growth. Megan was able to provide on-the-spot recommendations, wording suggestions, and other changes that felt like I had thought of them—that's how in tune they were. I feel so much more prepared now, and I know this page will turn into my biggest sales engine."

A fucking epic experience.

— Luan Jardine, Facebook Ads Strategist

No more spinning my wheels—just clear action items, a to-do list, and a gentle kick in the ass to get the results I want. Plus now I have a ton of content and a polished strategy that I can use over again and over again. I know I'll keep getting an ROI long after we work together.”

Megan gave me the direction I needed.

All businesses, big and small, deserve great copy. I never want budget to be the reason we can’t work together, which is why I offer custom packages and extended payment plans at no extra cost.


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