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25. How to Overcome Your Resistance to Selling—Once And For All

Dread. Ick. Cringey. Gross. Pushy. Sleazy. 

^ These are all real responses I’ve gotten when asking female entrepreneurs to tell me their gut reaction to the word “sales”.

You know you need to sell your offers, but you really don’t enjoy it. It feels forced and uncomfortable. And that’s a problem because if you don’t enjoy selling, you won’t do it. 

At best, you’ll sell inconsistently. You’ll launch the occasional promotion or Black Friday offer. You’ll rely on referrals. You’ll rely on people to come to you.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing (referrals are great! inbound marketing is great!), BUT it does greatly reduce the amount of control you have over your revenue. Today’s conversation is about taking back that control.

  • Where this resistance to selling comes from and why it’s overwhelmingly common in women
  • How that plays out in every aspect of your business, from PR and marketing to client communication, referrals, and networking
  • The #1 mindset reframe you need to sell more effectively 

And because I know you don’t need another person telling you to “make sales fun!!” without actually telling you *how* to do that…

We’ll wrap up with some practical advice to turn selling from necessary evil to genuinely enjoyable (no affirmations required).

Ready to flip your internal narrative on its head? Click play on this episode!


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25. How to Overcome Your Resistance to Selling—Once And For All

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