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12. Easy Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversions TODAY with Corine Pettit

We all want our websites to be beautiful…but it’s equally important to have a strategy behind the pretty design. Today’s guest is here to show us how to make your website work harder so you don’t have to!

Corine Pettit is a Strategic Website Designer for online service-based entrepreneurs, agencies, & educators. In an era of “pretty” websites that sit around collecting dust, Corine uses her strategy-first approach to design beautiful websites that crush industry standards. 

This is a really fun conversation because you get to hear about how to improve your website from a layout, design, AND copywriting perspective. We get super tactical about small tweaks that will have a BIG impact on your conversions (including one of my fav topics: buttons!!).

No need to outsource–these are super easy changes you can make on your own in the next 30 minutes!

You’ll also get to hear Corine’s story, why she left behind her engineering career to pursue web design, and how one fateful trip to Applebee’s changed her life forever…

Click play to learn:

  • The powerful (and unexpected) metric Corine tracks to measure her work-life balance
  • What you need to know BEFORE redoing your website
  • Common website mistakes and how to fix them in <5 minutes
  • How to use the “distracted squirrel mentality” to boost your conversions
  • What is a website finish line and why do you need one?


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12. Easy Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversions TODAY with Corine Pettit

I'm Megan—but you can call me Meg. As a copywriter and consultant, I help trailblazing entrepreneurs like you find their voice, disrupt the narrative, and build long-lasting, impactful brands.

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