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17. How to Build Long-Term Wealth OUTSIDE of Your Business with Gina Knox (Investing 101)

Drop what you’re doing and listen to this episode!!

If I could make every business owner I know listen to one episode of the podcast, it would be this one. I don’t want to be dramatic but…it may literally change the course of your life. 

BUT FIRST: If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode (How to Save $100k This Year), go back and listen before you dive into today’s episode! 

Last week we covered Business Finance 101 and this week we’re kicking things up a notch: we’re talking about how to build long-term wealth and generate passive income OUTSIDE of your business (no evergreen funnel required)!

Financial Coach Gina Knox breaks down how she made over $37,000 last year in passive income and you can too (and no, it doesn’t involve buying real estate). We’re talking about building a wealth portfolio – aka diversifying your income through the stock market.

Tune in to learn:

  • The straight-up lies you’ve been told about the stock market
  • How to set up your investment account in <15 minutes step-by-step
  • The magic savings number you should hit before investing (hint: it’s less than you think)
  • Why investing = “buying a revenue stream”
  • How to turn $30,000 into $1 million without lifting a finger 💁🏻‍♀️

There is A LOT of information out there about investing and unfortunately, a lot of it is either inaccurate or inaccessible for the average entrepreneur (and don’t even get me started on how this info has been gatekept from marginalized communities).

That’s why today’s conversation about wealth-building is so important.

Gina walks you through what you ACTUALLY need to start investing, the biggest mistakes to avoid, and how to reframe your wealth-killing thoughts into wealth-building ones. And she does it all without the financial jargon, so it’s easy to understand even if you’re not entirely what a stock IS, let alone how to buy one. 

This episode is for YOU no matter where you’re at on your wealth journey!

You’ll walk away knowing how to… 

  • Confidently build your wealth portfolio from scratch
  • Conquer the hidden fear that’s holding you back from making more money
  • Create an exit strategy from your business to live a work-optional lifestyle
  • Reframe your wealth-killing thoughts into wealth-building ones

My guest Gina is the founder of Gina Knox Coaching, where she provides entrepreneurs with the skills they need to manage cash flow, save $100k, and build 7-figure wealth. As a Mexican woman who grew up hearing her dad talk about money, she quickly racked up debt as an adult and wanted to learn how to manage her money better. 

Gina saved her first $100k by age 25 and in just 3 years, she’s helped her clients save over $6 million. She’s helped multiple entrepreneurs buy the home of their dreams, set up trust funds for their children, and build multi-million dollar portfolios that will create generational wealth for their themselves and their families. 


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Recommended Investment Firms:

  • Vanguard (for Americans) 
  • WealthSimple (for Canadians) – use my referral code DNJ8AQ when you open your account for a free $25 plus win up to a $975 cash bonus!

17. How to Build Long-Term Wealth OUTSIDE of Your Business with Gina Knox (Investing 101)

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