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20. Shorten Your Sales Cycle: How to Convert a Cold Lead to Paying Client in 7 Days with Jasmine Haitalani

“Know, like, trust is dead.”

Do I have your attention? Good, because today we’re tackling a much-neglected topic in the online business world: cold leads. 

A lot of marketing advice (especially for women, let’s be real) is very warm lead-centric—it’s all about nurturing, providing value, and building relationships. And all of that is great! But it’s also time-consuming. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone just stumbled onto your website and immediately signed up to work with you? Our guest today is going to show you how to make that possible. 

Jasmine Haitalani is the founder of Highflier Powerhouse, an agency that specializes in creative direction, web design, and brand design to help her clients become industry leaders and make an additional $100k. 

  • How to attract and convert leads through visual selling
  • Why Pinterest should NOT be your first brand-building step
  • Surprising places to find inspiration for your brand
  • Why you should prioritize cold leads > warm leads
  • The most important factor for building a powerhouse brand
  • Why transparency is so crucial in your sales process 
  • How to ethically counter common time + price objections 


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20. Shorten Your Sales Cycle: How to Convert a Cold Lead to Paying Client in 7 Days with Jasmine Haitalani

I'm Megan—but you can call me Meg. As a copywriter and consultant, I help trailblazing entrepreneurs like you find their voice, disrupt the narrative, and build long-lasting, impactful brands.

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