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19. How to Create a Stand-Out Client Experience with Martine Cousineau Pouliot

Want to book more premium clients this year? The easiest way to raise your rates and attract high-caliber clients is to focus on the EXPERIENCE you provide—not just the deliverables.

A streamlined client experience will help you land more repeat clients and referrals, but it will ALSO make your life x1000 easier because you’ll no longer need to spend 3+ hours creating each proposal from scratch (ask me how I know). 

This week I’m joined by Martine Cousineau Pouliot, Owner of Streamlined By Martine. Martine is a Certified Dubsado Specialist & Client Experience Expert who helps designers, copywriters, and photographers gain more time and financial freedom with personalized systems coaching and Dubsado setups.

If you’re still running most of your business manually, this episode will help you save your precious time and energy—while also making a lasting impression on your clients. 

Martine walks us through how to set up workflows tailored to the way YOU want to run your business, how to differentiate yourself through your client experience, and tips for getting started with systems when just the word “workflow” is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat.

  • The first step to automating your client experience
  • How to identify the bottlenecks that are costing you time and money
  • 4 client workflows every business should have
  • How an elevated client experience can help you stand out in a crowded market
  • The biggest missed opportunity in client experience (implement this one thing for more repeat business and referrals!)
  • An easy, 2-minute tip to increase conversions on your proposal
  • Kick your gift giving up a notch: ideas for small touches that make a lasting impression 


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19. How to Create a Stand-Out Client Experience with Martine Cousineau Pouliot

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