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27. Why Referrals (Although Wonderful) Aren’t a Sustainable Sales Strategy

Have you ever found yourself saying: “When I reach $10k months or 6-figure years, THEN I’ll feel comfortable turning projects down. THEN I’ll feel secure enough to take time off, start that creative project, and prioritize my health.”

Here’s the harsh truth: When you rely on people coming to you, no amount of money will make you feel safe—because you know it could all disappear tomorrow.

The leads could dry up. The referrals could end. The bottom could fall out from you, leaving you with nothing to pay the bills. I know, because that’s what happened to me. And I want to help you avoid it.

When you rely on referrals and inbound leads, your revenue is largely out of your control. If you’re waiting for people to come to you, you’re putting the ball in their court.

Today’s episode is all about taking back control and putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your business.

  • How I recovered from losing all my clients in 1 week
  • 3 factors you can ALWAYS control in your business
  • Why some businesses floundered in 2023 while others thrived
  • Simple tips you can implement today to take control of your revenue


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27. Why Referrals (Although Wonderful) Aren’t a Sustainable Sales Strategy

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