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05. How to Build a Community That Will Follow You Anywhere with Ally Lauren

Almost every female entrepreneur I’ve met lists “community” as one of her core values – but how do you grow a loyal, engaged audience around your personal brand when you’re constantly shifting and evolving as a business owner?

Today Ally Lauren and I are breaking down TACTICAL tips to help you show up as your authentic self online and attract an audience that shares your values. We talk about how to navigate shifts and pivots in your business, and how you can take your biz in a completely different direction WITHOUT losing people along the way.

Ally is a high-vibe, yoga-flowing, van-living business coach. Her superpower is helping people create the businesses they love while also living a life rooted in joy, freedom, and peace. 

Hit play to learn:

  • How you can build the courage to show up as your true self online
  • Advice for combining multiple passions in your business 
  • How to completely shift directions without losing your audience
  • Real talk: how to set better boundaries around social media
  • Why you don’t need another “Ways to Work With Me” post (and what to post instead)


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05. How to Build a Community That Will Follow You Anywhere with Ally Lauren

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