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03. You’re Doing Enough! How to Stop Chasing MORE and Appreciate Where You Are

Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind in your business? 

Everyone else is so far ahead and it feels like you’ll never catch up. Maybe you fall into an Instagram-fueled comparison spiral, scrolling through everyone else’s 6-figure launches and 7-figure years and wondering if you’ll ever get there. You keep asking yourself if you’re really doing *enough* or if you should be trying harder. 

Today we’re unpacking where that relentless drive for more comes from, why it’s so ubiquitous in the entrepreneurial world, and how you can STOP beating yourself up for not getting enough done.

Click play to learn:

  • How to stop placing unrealistic expectations on yourself 
  • What you don’t realize about that super-successful entrepreneur you’re comparing yourself to
  • The biggest regret that all seasoned business owners have in common
  • The value of embracing different seasons (and why slow isn’t always bad)
  • 3 TACTICAL ways to stop being so hard on yourself and start appreciating how much you’ve accomplished


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03. You’re Doing Enough! How to Stop Chasing MORE and Appreciate Where You Are

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