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09. How to Reclaim REST as an Entrepreneur with Amanda Bourbonais


Amanda Bourbonais is a holistic health copywriter and the original Health First Freelancer. She has spent the last three years creating a freelance business that supports her healthy lifestyle and allows her to manage chronic Lyme disease and ulcerative colitis on her own terms. 

She’s now transitioning to become a source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who wants to create their own Health First business and live a life that truly supports their well-being every day. 

Click play to learn:

  • How to schedule your days around your energy levels
  • Top 2 strategies to get shit done with chronic illness
  • How to “Slight Edge” your way to success
  • Beginner-friendly breath work and meditation ideas


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09. How to Reclaim REST as an Entrepreneur with Amanda Bourbonais

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