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08. Ditching Routines and Starting a Second Business with Ashley Crowe

Productivity. Is there any topic MORE talked about online?

We all want to get more shit done, but between the time blocking, theme days, CEO days, weekly routines, morning routines, and evening routines…we spend more time planning how productive we’re going to be than we do actually doing the thing.

And what if you’re someone who hates following a schedule? Or whose old routine no longer fits your current season of life? Are you just doomed forever?

Ashley Crowe is living proof that you don’t need to follow a set routine to be a successful entrepreneur. Not only has Ashley built her copywriting business while homeschooling her kids, but she was also able to retire her husband, launch a second business, and do it all while traveling around the States in an RV (no big deal).

Click play to hear:

  • The Anti-Routine: productivity advice for people who hate routines
  • How being a mom has shaped Ashley’s business for the better
  • The slow travel lifestyle and advice for taking your business on the road
  • Advice for starting a second business
  • “Help! I have all the ideas!!” How to choose which projects are worth pursuing


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08. Ditching Routines and Starting a Second Business with Ashley Crowe

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