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07. The Ins and Outs of Rebranding with RuthAnn Rafiq

Rebranding is a BEAST of a topic. Trust me, I know – my own rebrand spiralled from “a small logo refresh” to a full-blown messaging revamp, strategy overhaul, new design, photography, and website…it was an *undertaking* to say the least.

Thankfully we’ve got today’s guest to walk us through the process! RuthAnn Rafiq is a Kansas City native, mama of 2 littles, and owner of R Artspace, a branding studio helping established women entrepreneurs rebrand their business to align with their current vibe, vision, and values. 

Since 2016, RuthAnn has helped women ditch the DIY so they can step into the CEO role with a brand and website that represents them AND their business well. 

If your brand is feeling a little blah lately, this episode is PACKED full of tips to help you freshen things up!

Click play to learn:

  • The 2 biggest mistakes RuthAnn made her first year in business
  • When is the right time to invest in a rebrand? How do you know you’re *ready*?
  • Design, messaging, strategy, photography…where do you START?
  • How to keep your brand fresh when you’ve been in business for years
  • Brand and website recommendation for your first year in biz


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07. The Ins and Outs of Rebranding with RuthAnn Rafiq

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